Overbeck Consulting 

Developing your new business takes time and effort.
Overbeck Consulting has more than 15 years of International business experience.
Connecting people and growth all over the globe.
Currently Overbeck Consulting is active in following business.

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We develop the best of the Web

At Overbeck Consulting we thrive to help our clients with the best Web-Solutions available!
We have a solution for every challenge on the market, it depends on our customers needs.
From applications to webshop systems to simple "one-pagers", we got the solution.

We design the future of the Web

You want to reach your clients with an impact that ensures that they will never forget you.
This is the target for every marketing plan. We help our clients to be mor "reachable" more "natural" and mor "original". 
Creativity and being outside of the "box" is one of the trademarks of Overbeck Consulting. 
Danish design & Swiss Quality

We market your Services and Products

You are starting up your business, but dont know how to approach the market?
For every service and product their is a target group of beloved customers, we help you "name" and find your dream customers.
Place your product or services at the right group of people and you will have the success.  

Our Experienced Services

  • Target

    We help you to target your dream clients and to create a marketing plan that will ensure growth to your business. 

  • Development

    We develop Websites, Webshops as well as Apps for any needs and services. 

  • Coding 

    What ever challenges you might have, we can find a solution. You should work on what you do best, we do the same!

  • Listen

    Our success is based on the fact that we understand our clients needs better. First we listen to your wants, needs and challenges, and the we act!

  • Love

    We love what we do and do what we love. Our love gets aknowledged every time a new project goes live. 

  • Never forgotten

    As we thrive to makes sure you never get forgotten in the jungle of business, we ensure our own impact on the market! 

We are only a Mail away. 

Contact us today to get your business up and running, create more business and more wealth for you and your family.